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About Mohawk Carpet

Since 1878, Mohawk has been producing attractive and durable carpet. Mohawk collections in Aladdin, Horizon, WundaWeve and Custom weave which provide an option for nearly every purpose, decorating style, and budget. When you purchase Mohawk carpet, you are getting a high-quality floor covering from one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Mohawk Carpet is known because of its exceptional durability and they offer a very good quality for their customer. Mohawk create their carpets using premium yarns and fibers which are tested for quality and durability. They have a fantastic style which you will surely love. Mohawk Carpet is designed to enhance the attractiveness and warmth of your home with a wide variety of styles, textures and Mohawk Carpet Colors and of course, in talking with the comfort of carpet the Mohawk Carpet is the best because they priority the warmth and comfort. They also have a long lasting Carpet and they also offer a good quality carpet as well. There are also many brands from Mohawk Carpet.

First is the Aladdin, which is truly offers exceptional value. All carpets from this line are functional and blend with the needs of active lifestyles. It’s the carpet you need at the price you want. The Aladdin collection is committed to value and durable enough for the most active households.

The Horizon Carpet collection categorically fulfills the needs of those who are longing a great display of colors from Mohawk. Their choices are endless. From soft pastels to vivid primary colors, any selection from this collection is a perfect for this generation. Horizon offers a great selection of fashion choices for a variety of lifestyles. With this line of bold and unique styling options available in the marketplace today.

The WundaWeve Carpet collection represents an unbelievable luxurious carpet and rug that is a perfect representation of up to date fashion. With a fashionable look and comfortable feel, it can define any person’s home which uses this brand from the Mohawk Carpets.

Mohawk Carpet Colors

The Floor Authority lists official Mohawk Carpet Color Center dealers and feature a wide selection of the finest products Mohawk manufactures and sells. A Mohawk Carpet Color Center makes matching and choosing the perfect flooring for your home. They offer a fantastic color that will make your carpet suit to you decorations and furniture like red, black, med saddle, moss green, teal, charcoal and many more.

Mohawk Commercial Carpet

The Mohawk Commercial Carpet is a carpet tile also known as modular carpet offers a lot of advantages when it comes to a long lasting carpet and has a good quality. It’s easy to install and easy to clean. If you get a tough stain, just get the tile and clean it in a sink or you can easy replace one tile and not the whole room. Because it’s modular, you can even mix and match carpet tile colors to make your own unique look for you room. You can combine it with other floor coverings for a performance engineered work environment that has visual appeal and fits your long-term flooring budget.

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