Empire Today Reviews

Empire Today Reviews

Empire Today Reviews and reports join community by posting their own comments or complaints about the Empire services and product.

Empire Today is a leading provider of installed home improvements and home furnishings for over more than 50 years in over 45 major metropolitan areas across the United States and even all over the world. Empire Today Customer Service Team is there to assist every customer and they want to hear when customers are happy with their product and services and also they want to hear if there are any concerns that need to be addressed.

Prior to posting on this site, please contact a member of their Customer Service Team directly first, they can be reached by calling 800-588-2300 or by emailing [email protected] The company is a Shop-At-Home retailer offering quality, name-brand Carpet, Flooring and Window Treatments, which is fully installed pricing, a Low Price assurance, Professional Next Day Installation on many of its products and Financing with Approved Credit. Each purchase comes with an Installation Warranty along with a Manufacturer Product Warranty.

According to different ads from the internet and newspapers, the Empire Today Carpet outlets are available nationwide to recommend in the process of buying and choosing for a new carpet. They can identify the high traffic areas and then recommend the appropriate covering for your flooring and for the daily use. The installation of the right underlay cushion is significant as is the texture and the color of the carpet. Quality products from mills like Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu are available.

Empire Today Complaints

The Empire Today Carpet has a complaint board where the customer can post their complaints and suggestion. There are some complaints of the customers like; no warranty honor, disrespectful salesman and many more. There are also customers which are not happy with the services of the Empire Today Carpets. However, the Empire also finds different ways to meet the needs of the customer, they look for a solution which the customers wants and fix some problem of their customer.

Empire Today Coupons

Empire Today Carpet offers Empire Today coupons which help people find the right choice of carpet for any home interior budget. To determine the type of product which is very best, it has a several factors which need to be considered including the following: design which they cut pile or loop styles, casual and trendy Saxony or decorative texture designs; colors; fiber like wool, nylon, polypropylene or sisal, the cost and the room where the carpet will be installed (living room, hallway runners or basement); and the amount of foot traffic it will get (heavy use on stair treads and entrance ways versus light use in bedrooms. They offer a big discount from their coupon which leads to the customers to use it. Empire Today Coupons are available in the web where you can print it out easily and bring it to the Empire. Empire Today Carpet not only gives the customer a good quality product and good services but they also help the customer in saving their money for their home decoration.

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