Carpet Installation Cost

One of the best, and easiest ways to increase the book value of your home, is to have new carpeting installed, before you move ahead, you’ll have to figure out the carpet installation cost of your job.

The two biggest factors that come into play when determining your specific, carpet installation cost, is both the type of carpet you choose, and the retailer/installer you choose for the purchasing and installing of your carpets.

Carpet Installation Cost

You have two main options when having new carpets installed:

  • Have your carpets installed by the same company which you bought them from.
  • Find your own contractor, buy the supplies, and pay him directly for the installation.

The second option is the most cost effective as the carpet retailers usually charge a pretty hefty markup for installation.

When you’re choosing a carpet installation contractor, you’ll want to make sure the pricing is laid out with no hidden costs so you don’t run into any surprises when it comes time to write the check.

The installation of carpeting will require more than just ‘installing’ – the old flooring or carpet that’s being replaced will have to be removed which will induce extra labor and fees. If the company you choose does charge extra to have the previous flooring removed, you can save a few bucks by doing it yourself with the help of friends or family, or you can expect to pay roughly:

  • $.50 per Square Yard = Removal/disposal of old flooring
  • $3.50 – $6 per Square Yard = Carpet installation cost
  • $.50 per Square Yard = Foam padding install cost

Another carpet installation cost that is often overlooked by customers, is the sub-carpet, foam padding. In most cases carpeting does not sit directly on your wood flooring,  instead, there’s a foam pad that lies between the carpet and your floor; padding is not free, so make sure it’s included in your carpet installation cost.

Now that you’re equipped with the basic knowledge, you can hunt down your installation contractor. All you have to do is have the contractor come to your home and take the measurements for your rooms. The contractor will give you the room measurements at which time you’ll go pick out and order the carpeting you want.

Once you have all of the carpeting materials, you’ll schedule a time for your contractor to come back and do the work- that’s it. With this, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what your carpet installation cost will be, before you even pick up the phone!



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